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Final Details – Please Read in Full:

Terms and Conditions of Service:

Please read our Terms and Conditions of Service in full here.

RV Parking Position: When parking please ensure there is a minimum 6-foot clearance between your RV and any object that may interfere with the detailing process. Please park as far away from Power Lines as possible.

Wash/Wax – Customer RV Detail Checklist:

  1. Ensure all exterior Slide-outs are fully extended and ready to go.
  2. Ensure all Vents and Windows are completely closed to avoid water leaking into the RV.
  3. Ensure all Wheels are uncovered and ready to be washed and detailed.
  4. Please close and keep all doors locked on the RV during the entire detail process.

Full Interior – Customer RV Detail Checklist:
Please ensure all valuable personal items have been removed from the RV before the detail process takes place.

Payment Options: We accept Cash and all Major Debit/Credit cards as a form of payment on-site upon completion.

Tax: Please note Tax is not included in our pricing.

Late/Delay: Upon scheduling your appointment you’re agreeing that you will be ready for us to start your detail at said time. Please ensure all doors are locked and windows are shut. Being late or delaying the detail by more than 20 minutes may result in us having to reschedule your appointment and a forfeit of your deposit.

Cancellation Policy: We operate rain, snow or shine. We take pride in being a reliable small business. We take exceptional pride in doing a far superior job than the “big guys.” The lifeline of our business is customer satisfaction and loyalty. This means we deliver the finished product that we promise in the amount of time that we promise. Because of our small business touch we only use the highest most qualified staff. Often the work is done exclusively. Read More.

Appointment Deposit: More than likely you have already paid your appointment deposit. If you haven’t already, please ensure your appointment deposit is paid within 8 hours of booking your appointment. If you booked your appointment for same-day service, please make sure the appointment deposit is paid within 30 minutes of booking. Failure to pay the appointment deposit will result in cancellation of your appointment. Scroll down to pay the deposit online.