The importance of Waxing

Most don’t know this, but now is the most important time to provide your vehicle with the protection needed.

When you wax your car in spring and summer, you get to enjoy the gleam of the sun off your glossy, shiny paint. Then there’s the fun of watching the spring and summer raindrops bead up so perfectly on that mirror-like finish. There are very practical reasons to wax your car before the winter weather arrives.

You see, car wax isn’t all about the shine. It’s also about putting a buffer between your car’s paint and the elements. When it turns cold, you’re dealing with everything from decomposing leaves covering your car to snow, ice, dirt, grime and road salt. They all stick to your car and they’re a lot more stubborn than most summer dirt to remove. Every one of them can do damage to your paint.

Protect your paint now before it’s too late!