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Full Detail – $149.99

  • Wash Process: Every surface of your Motorcycle is carefully cleaned. First, we start with a nice hand wash in order to loosen the dirt and particles from the surface of your Motorcycle. Then, we use microfiber towels in order to safely wash your Motorcycle without introducing swirls and scratches. All Bugs and grime are removed during this process. The tires and wheels are then scrubbed, cleaned, and shined. All chrome is cleaned of dirt and debris, as well as removal of light water spots. Your Motorcycle is then hand dried using microfiber towels and blow dried to remove water from hard to reach areas. All Leather is cleaned, conditioned and UV protected.
  • Wax Process: After drying your Motorcycle from it’s nice bath, your Motorcycle is then prestigiously hand waxed using our high-quality Cloud 9 Wax.
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Available Add-Ons

  • Cloud 9 Motorcycle Paint Sealant – $49.99 (normally $149.99): Our Cloud 9 Paint Sealant is simply not a wax, but something much better! Our Paint sealant will improve depth, color, shine, and protection. Paint sealant shields the paint from harmful UV rays, environmental pollution, road derby, winter salt/snow and moisture. It is 100x better than a normal waxing.

  • Motorcycle Chrome Polishing: $49.95: We use a very high end Chrome Polishing cream that will make your Motorcycle shine like new!

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