Know your time

The following are the averages for completion:

Full Interior

Car – 3hr 30mins
Truck – 3hr 30mins
Van – 5 hours

Full Cloud 9

Car – 4hr 30mins
Truck – 5hr 20mins
Van – 6hr 30 mins

VIP Cloud 9

Car – 6hr 30mins
Truck – 7hr 10mins
Van – 8hr 20 mins

Mini Interior

Car – 2hr 20 mins
Truck – 3 hours
Van – 3hr 30 mins

Exterior Detailing

Car – 2 hours
Truck – 2 hours
Van – 2 hours

Motorcycle Detailing

Wash/Wax : Avg. 90 Minutes

Double check your schedule:

For example: If you book a Full Interior on your Car at 1pm, but you have a birthday party to get to at 2:30pm, please do not book us for that day. Doing the above will result in an incomplete detail and you will be liable for the full payment due.

*Work vehicles require extra time.