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Exterior Detail – $199

Wash Process

First, we start with a nice foam bath in order to loosen the dirt and particles from the surface of your vehicle. While your vehicle is enjoying it’s nice soapy bath, we lightly scrub your vehicle with a microfiber brush or microfiber towels in order to safely wash your vehicle without introducing swirls and scratches. All Bugs and grime are removed during this process. The tires and wheels are then scrubbed, cleaned, and shined. Your vehicle is then hand dried using microfiber towels. All exterior windows are cleaned and shined.

Hand Wax

The entire vehicle is then prestigiously hand waxed to perfection using our high-quality Cloud 9 wax formula.

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Exterior Add-Ons

Glass Coating – $199.99

Applying a glass coating to your car provides benefits such as enhanced visibility during poor weather, effortless removal of contaminants, improved clarity without haze, scratch resistance, and UV protection. The hydrophobic nature of the coating promotes easy cleaning and better visibility. While the coating helps with various aspects, it might not eliminate windshield wiper issues or shield against high-speed impacts like rock chips. Experience the advantages of ceramic coatings for your car’s glass and drive with clarity and confidence.

Engine Detail & Protection – $179.99

Maintaining a clean engine bay ensures optimal airflow and effective cooling and facilitates leak detection. It also prevents costly repairs by averting premature wear from oil and grease. Beyond preserving appearance and functionality. Applying a high-heat formulated plastic coating to rubber and plastic components. Our engine coating acts as a protective shield, preventing the buildup of dirt, oil, and grease while inhibiting rust formation. By employing this method, you can keep your engine running smoothly and maintain its cleanliness.

Engine Detail Only – $79.99

Headlight Restoration & Protection – $199.99

Headlight restoration offers numerous advantages, including eliminating scratches and restoring hazy or cloudy lenses. This enhances performance and functionality and preserves your vehicle’s value. Applying a specialized nano-glass coating to polycarbonate headlights and taillight lenses provides further benefits. This coating prevents UV-induced fading and discoloration, ensuring your lights remain crystal clear and well-protected. Experience the benefits of headlight restoration and enjoy improved aesthetics and longevity for your vehicle’s lighting system.

Ceramic Coating – By Quote

Ceramic coating offers significant benefits for new cars by providing advanced protection for the paint and various surfaces. This nanotechnology-driven quartz coating penetrates microscopic imperfections in porous materials, such as clear paint coats, headlights, glass, and carbon fiber. Ceramic coatings create a shield against scratches and repel mud, rain, and dirt due to their hydrophobic properties. They safeguard against oxidation, corrosion, and rust caused by UV rays, enhancing the vehicle’s longevity. Contrary to a common misconception, ceramic coatings not only make the paint glossy; they enhance the existing finish’s depth and richness. Applying a ceramic coating can boost the car’s resale value. An important tip is to apply the coating soon after purchase to minimize the need for extensive paint correction and preparation work, saving both money and time.

Plastic Coating – $199.99 – $399.99

Our plastic Coating is a specialized coating designed for exterior plastic and rubber surfaces on vehicles. It uses ceramic molecular compounds to create a durable hydrophobic layer that protects against fading, contaminants, and impacts. Filling microscopic gaps in plastics and polymers prevents contaminants from sticking and provides long-lasting defense. This eliminates the need for frequent reapplication, making it a highly effective and convenient solution for maintaining the appearance and protection of plastic and rubber components in cars.

Winter Protection Package – $699.99

Our comprehensive interior winter protection package caters to those looking for top-tier care. This package includes Ceramic Coating, Engine Detailing & Coating, Glass Coating, and Headlight.

Paint Sealant

Paint sealant serves as an effective solution to enhance depth, color vibrancy, shine, and overall protection for your vehicle’s paintwork. This protective coating acts as a barrier against detrimental UV rays, environmental contaminants, road debris, winter salt, snow, and moisture. Notably surpassing the benefits of regular waxing, our application of a premium synthetic polymer urethane blend paint sealant significantly augments its resilience, enabling it to endure even the most severe weather conditions, characteristic of Utah’s diverse climate.

3 Month Protection – $39.99
6 Month Protection – $79.99
9 Month Protection – $99.99
12 Month Protection – $119.99

More Add-Ons

  • Buffing – $75/hr
  • Adhesive Removal – $49.99+ (Quotes given at time of detail)

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