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Full Cloud 9 Package – $329

Full Cloud 9 Package

Interior Detail

The vehicle is thoroughly vacuumed, including each and every nook & cranny, glove box, center console, air vents, seams in upholstery and leather, under seats and in-between seats. We even clean the tracks that your seats sit on! All Cup holders, pockets, and even your Grip handles are cleaned using a steamer. All Stains are pre-treated, professionally shampooed, scrubbed and extracted. The Headliner is cleaned as needed. All Leather is cleaned and Conditioned. All door jambs and interior/exterior windows are cleaned/detailed. And lastly the entire dashboard, steering wheel, center console, cup holders, doors, grip handles, air vents, and even your glove box are detailed to perfection!

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Full Cloud 9 Package

Exterior Detail

First, we start with a nice foam bath in order to loosen the dirt and particles from the surface of your vehicle. While your vehicle is enjoying it’s nice soapy bath, we lightly scrub your vehicle with a microfiber brush or microfiber towels in order to safely wash your vehicle without introducing swirls and scratches. All Bugs and grime are removed during this process. The tires and wheels are then scrubbed, cleaned, and shined. Your vehicle is then hand dried using microfiber towels. All exterior windows are cleaned and shined.

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