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Full Interior Package – $279

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The vehicle is thoroughly vacuumed, including every nook, cranny, glove box, center console, air vent, seams in upholstery and leather. We even clean under seats, in-between seats and the tracks that your seats sit on!

Steam Cleaning

We start with cleaning all leather, fabric, cup holders, pockets, cracks, crevasses, grip handles, and even your headliner. Everything is cleaned using Eco-friendly cleaners and a steamer.


All stains are pre-treated with industrial eco-safe cleaners. The carpet, mats, and upholstery are professionally shampooed throughout the entire vehicle.

Hard To Reach Areas

All hard to reach areas are cleaned, including those areas that neglected most. Door jambs, pockets, cracks, and crevasses are all a priority for us.

UV Protection

The entire dashboard, steering wheel, center console, cup holders, doors, fabric, grip handles, pockets, glove box, air vents, and windows are detailed to shine with the added benefit of UV protection!

Upgrade To Full Interior Plus

Interior Add-Ons

Plastic Coating Protection – $199.99

Our interior ceramic coating will preserve and protect interior surfaces just as the exterior ceramic coating protects the clear coat. The interior coating is applied by hand. After thoroughly cleaning the interior, the ceramic coating is applied to all interior plastics and vinyl. The coating permanently bonds to these surfaces, which protects from contact, dirt, and fading from UV rays. The surfaces become easier to clean due to the coating sitting on the top layer of the plastic and vinyl. It becomes the new top layer. This coating will keep the surface cleaner for longer and reduce the time it takes to clean it. A ceramic coating is the equivalent of always keeping your vehicle in the garage.

Leather Rejuvenation – $79.99

Your Leather interior is very delicate and should be treated with care. Maintaining your leather is critical to prolonging life and beauty. Cleaning, conditioning, and moisturizing your leather every 4 – 6 months can help prolong life and beauty. There is nothing better than that “new” Leather smell. Here at Cloud 9 Detail we give the attention needed to help maintain, protect, and prolong the beauty your leather can provide.

Leather Coating – $199.99

Our Leather & Vinyl coating is designed to remain flexible while enhancing and adding protection for leather and vinyl. The coating imparts super hydrophobic effects and chemical, UV, thermal, and hard water resistance. Coated surfaces will stay cleaner longer as dirt, and other contaminants will instantly be encapsulated in water droplets and roll effortlessly off the surface. This is known as the “self-cleaning effect.” It’s also the perfect coating to help protect and prevent premature fading.

Winter Protection Package – $449.99

Our comprehensive interior winter protection package caters to those looking for top-tier care. This package includes Plastic Coating Protection, Leather Coating Protection, and Fabric Coating Protection, ensuring your valuable investments are safeguarded during the colder months.

Fabric Coating – $199.99

Our fabric coating is not ceramic; it’s a durable liquid and dirt-repellant polymer that bonds with fabric. If you spill coffee, can you leave it? No. If there is a spill, the fabric polymer will buy you time and slow down the process of the liquid reaching the fibers or even the carpet padding. If you did not have the fabric protectant, the liquid would soak in within a few minutes or even seconds. This polymer is designed to be a permanent protectant, just like the interior and exterior ceramic coatings. It works because the polymer bonds to individual strands of fiber and forms a barrier that prevents spills, winter salt, chemicals, and food from sticking directly to the fiber. It will stick to the polymer instead.

More Add-Ons

  • Child Car Seat Cleaning (1st free, then $9.99 / per seat) – Let’s face it. Kids are messy! No worries, We will clean one child seat free of charge! We vacuum, steam clean, and professionally shampoo each child seat.
  • Odor Eliminator ($79.99) – Remove Musty Smells Permanently!
  • Professional Pet Hair Removal ($99.99) – We professionally remove pet hair from every corner and crevice in your car.
  • Steam & Shampoo Twice As Aggressive ($79.99) – The carpet, mats, and upholstery are professionally steam shampooed throughout the entire vehicle not once, but twice!
  • Exterior Touch-up ($34.99) – First, we start with a nice foam bath in order to loosen the dirt and particles from the surface of your vehicle. While your vehicle is enjoying it’s nice soapy bath, we lightly scrub your vehicle with a microfiber brush or microfiber towels in order to safely wash your vehicle without introducing swirls and scratches. All Bugs and grime are removed during this process. The tires and wheels are then scrubbed, cleaned, and shined. Your vehicle is then hand dried using microfiber towels. All exterior windows are cleaned and shined.

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